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Family law can be very complicated and requires a special expertise and experience. Our dedicated staff of Fort Collins Attorneys understands these difficult and emotional times for our clients.
At Golden and O’Brien we look after your best interests with compassion, and will aggressively get the best result possible. We offer the legal knowledge and abilities needed to successfully pursue large and complex family law issues.

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Fort Collins Divorce & Child Custody Lawyers


Our Colorado Trail Attorneys help many clients whose circumstances change substantially after divorce. If the original order of the court regarding custody and support may no longer be an accurate impression of your family’s situation, our experienced Colorado family law attorneys can help you achieve a modification of the court order.


If you have received a family law judgment that you believe is in error, or if you won your family law case but it is being appealed, let us help you with our legal advice and commitment to protecting your rights first. Our Fort Collins based Attorneys will thoroughly review your family law case and advise you of all your legal options.

Paternity Law in Fort Collins, Colorado

We represent both women and men in Colorado paternity actions. Paternity determination can have an effect on later child support and custody issues in unexpected ways. You need competent legal advice that will enable you to do the correct thing. Call us for an initial consultation regarding your paternity problem.

Common Law Marriage in Fort Collins

Colorado is one of the few states that recognizes common law marriage. The issue of a common law marriage usually does not come up until one of the parties wants a divorce and the other party argues that they were married. You are you are given the same rights that are granted to people going through a legal separation or divorce in Colorado.

Grandparents Rights in the city of Fort Collins

The state of Colorado recognizes grandparents rights, including the rights to visitation and custody of children. There are two laws in Colorado under which Grandparents may seek to establish parental rights and responsibilities or visitation with a grandchild. The first law is the Uniform Dissolution of Marriage Act (“UDMA”), and the second is the Children’s Code. Our Colorado law firm has the expertise to help you through this often complicated legal issue.

Same Sex Relationships in Colorado

At Golden & O’Brien we understand, that same-sex relationships face the same pains as husbands and wives. Division of assets, domestic abuse, child Custody, and other clashing differences in same-sex relationships also require skilled and sensitive legal help.